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The Italian Huntsman- Il Cacciatore del Sud

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The Italian Huntsman- Il Cacciatore del Sud

Italian Popular Tales by Thomas Frederick Crane (1885). There was once a huntsman, who, in passing a quarry, found a serpent under a large stone. The serpent asked the hunter to liberate him, but the latter said, “I will not free you, for you will eat me.”

This story comes from the town of Otranto in Apulia, on Italy’s eastern coast.

The artist captures this detail effortlessly, dressed in an Italian Leather jacket with shoes to match, the details of this exhibit are immaculate.


1 mm
1 mm
1 mm

Our Must


This is a one off design that is detailed to perfection. Comes with a certificate of Authenticity.


Made using wrought Iron and recycled metal parts from workshop that produces heavy metal gates & doors.


This piece of artwork will be packed and delivered in durable material personalised by Pinto Artisan.

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