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The Eagle -L’aquila

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The Eagle -L’aquila

In myth and legend, the Eagle represents the Sun God who symbolizes light and power fire and water as its elements. It is

The eagle is a symbol for power, action, speed and perception, it has powers of intuition, creativity. Around the world, the eagle has been adopted as an emblem.

It can balance power with grace all these because the eagle has sharp vision which gives it the ability to see hidden truths and spiritual principles.

As an ancient symbol the eagle is associated to solar and the Greeks regarded it as the sacred emblem of Zeus and as the highest god by the Druids. For those fighting for freedom, the Eagle’s ability to fly high to the tops of mountains and silently into valleys, makes it associated with a free spirit.

In this artworks the artist wants to express the power of intuition and creativity, the action of flying alone above the clouds to achieve the dreams. The powers is balanced by the grace and by the ability to see hidden truths and spiritual principles.


1 mm
1 mm
1 mm

Our must


This is a one off design that is detailed to perfection. Comes with a certificate of Authenticity.


Made using wrought Iron and recycled metal parts from workshop that produces heavy metal gates & doors.


This piece of artwork will be packed and delivered in durable material personalised by Pinto Artisan.

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