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About us

Pinto.Art is a project of love, spawned from one woman’s passion for art & design, supported by the commitment to creating an extraordinary environment in which to display artwork. Her vision highlights the synergy of the natural beauty complemented by man-made creations.

The gallery, e-gallery Pinto Artisan, provide a unique opportunity for artists to display and to showcase their work.

Pinto Artisan want to combine the beauty of art and the emotions generated as a cultural journey “from small Italian villages to multinational cities, from the past to the future, WE WANT LIFE TO BE ART”. We want to create a strong connection with our artists, exploring any inch of them and create a shared platform to communicate with the entire world. Pinto Artisan start this journey with an artist from south of Italy, the wilderness of the open lands and the atmosphere of the Mediterranean sea.

Italian Culture

“Italian Villages are places where our traditions are born. Precious jewel boxes where our lifestyle characteristics of conviviality, unity and sharing are preserved”.

To discover and experience this means to fully immerse yourself in the marvel of these hidden territories. The walls that encircle them and the narrow streets that cross them are testimony of a culture that is perpetuated and transmitted by their inhabitants.

To visit a “borgo” means to experience in full the beauty of works of art, churches, museums and architectural styles combined with unexpected encounters, convivial moments and delicious food in a small universe of a human scale.

Pinto Artisan provides a natural e-environment and a roadshow for people to view experience the rich culture and purchase artwork. 

Bologna, Italy

Pinto.Art, started in 2018 in Bologna City of Italy with a mission to promote the work of Italian contemporary artists on an international stage.

Founded to support the mission of its love for art — we are selected in museums and galleries globally. Pinto.Art International is the London-based entity that drives Pinto.Art global exhibitions and gallery programs.

The organisation is committed to supporting the careers of pioneering contemporary artists of the region and to fostering global connoisseurship for their distinct artistic practices.


Our knowledgeable staff is  here to help and support customers during their visit and with their purchases.

We believe everyone is creative and that when people are more creative at work – business thrives and life blossoms that’s what we want do!