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About the Artist

The home of Italian art, Pietro Lettieri in art Pie.Le, born in the southern state of Italy, in a village near Napoli, called Rapone.

From humble beginnings, Pie.Le started life as an apprentice from his father’s workshop which developed his love for wrought iron and into one of the most magnificent craftsmen in Italy.

Pinto artisan workshop

His creative exploration began in his childhood, making fantastical hybrid creatures using old toys and a tube of glue. Today “I make animals and creatures from mostly found and recycled metal; transforming everyday objects into detailed, sculptural artworks”.

His commissions include sculpture, architectural installations, furniture and painting. And many of my public artworks are on display in several locations throughout the world, like the gate door of Sant’Ambrogio Market, in Florence, the “Matera” painting donated to Matera city , exhibition in Matera Town Hall.

As a student of art and design, he picked up his trade working as an apprentice in his father’s workshop in the mid-eighties. And later in his life, his passion was ignited from his travels. 

He was fortunate that he was able to travel extensively and has worked at a variety of jobs. Everywhere he went he soaked up the culture and bit by bit it has defined his work. These have included high-end specialist security doors and handcrafted theatre set design in Rapone. Central art galleries and construction, assorted large scale community art sculptural projects and all whilst pursuing his own artistic story.


The Workshop

In his Southern Italian studio, Pie.Le creates his contemporary metal sculptures and craftsmen pieces in a simplified and abstracted, manner. The attention to detail is astounding and the pieces come to life expressing emotions and relationships.