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The Bull_Il toro

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The Bull_Il toro

The bull was considered a sacred animal in ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome and Egypt. It was common to see the bull offered as a blood sacrifice in these cultures. In Celtic culture was considered a very prominent animal in the clan and represented the physical strength and power, extremely virile, and so symbolized fertility and the power to procreate. Due to its unbending, stubborn personality traits, we get the term “bull-headed.”

A third representation of the bull sign is that of riches and wealth. Likely due to the fact that this creature was a great source of food the Celts, it can easily be associated with easier, fairer, and abundant times in the Celtic villages Druids associated the bull with solar energy and also symbolic of great luxury, wealth and provision.

In this art work the artist wants to represent fecundity and fertility, protector qualities, sacrifice, chastity and patience.


1 mm
1 mm
1 mm



This is a one off design that is detailed to perfection. Comes with a certificate of Authenticity.


Made using wrought Iron and recycled metal parts from workshop that produces heavy metal gates & doors.


This piece of artwork will be packed and delivered in durable material personalised by Pinto Artisan.

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