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The Net Flower

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The Net Flower

This lamp is part of the practlicalism collection. Even if at the first view it seems just like a normal lamp, this is probably one of the best Artist’s shaker of the 4 Elements- Water-Fire-Air-Earth materialized in a useful artefact, and full of positive and hopefully meanings.

Looking from the bottom to the top, you can admire 4 small cancers, protecting the soil of the flower. The stem grows and the 3 leaves, responsible of the chlorophyll photosynthesis, rein in the loss of water. The stem is not straight, but it has been bended by the wind.

The stem end up with a strong metallic net. The net wraps up the light, and in this metaphoric idea it has to leverage the power of the fire, ensuring it can be used for his beneficial property as warming up our places, our hearts.


1 mm
1 mm
1 mm



This is a one off design that is detailed to perfection. Comes with a certificate of Authenticity.


Made using wrought Iron and recycled metal parts from workshop that produces heavy metal gates & doors.


This piece of artwork will be packed and delivered in durable material personalised by Pinto Artisan.


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